DFRobot ECell: Breadboard-Plugin Resistor - Ilgrandebazar
DFRobot ECell: Breadboard-Plugin Resistor - Ilgrandebazar

DFRobot ECell: Breadboard-Plugin Resistor

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DFRobot ECell: Breadboard-Plugin Resistor

Using this innovative approach solves common problems that occur when using DIP components, such as:

* Difficulty reading confusing resistor color codes
* Deforming component pins and breadboard tie-points after use
* Using components with a different pin-pitch than your breadboard
* Confusing the order of a transistor's collector, emitter and base pins
* Using a confusing mess of jumper wires to connect small components

The Breadboard-Plugin Kit is designed by Maker LeoYan, and is produced and sold by DFRobot.

Easy to recognize: resistance values, capacitance values, polarity and pin functions are clearly marked on each component
Easy to learn: standard circuit symbols are clearly marked on each component helping you learn how to read schematic diagrams
Easy to use: Pins plug directly in to the breadboard, saving a confusing mess of jumper wires
Easy to Plug/unplug: The 0.64mm diametral pin perfectly matches standard breadboard tie-points
High-reliability: Each component is manufactured using ENIG technology making the circuit connection reliable and durable
Environmentally-friendly: Each part is durable and reusable making it friendly to the environment

Resistor: 220R,1K,4.7K,10K

Resistor 220R x4
Resistor 1K x4
Resistor 4.7K x4
Resistor 10K x4


  • "The Breadboard-Plugin Kit" is the first kit in the ECell series.
  • The Breadboard-Plugin Kit provides a range of common components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors etc. that are compatible with a solderless breadboard.
  • This resistor package module has gold-plated pins making it solid and durable and also gives it excellent conductivity.
  • It plugs neatly and easily in the breadboard and is both reliable and reusable.


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